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The Inner Circle - Monthly Mastermind

What it is:

You are about to join an exclusive community led by Dr Hugo. 

You will be surrounded by a motivated and driven community - associating with the right crowd is the first key step to succeed in life. 

This community runs on an app that combines the power of Facebook, Netflix, and Zoom. See more on "How it works"

What it will do for you:

(1) 10x your memory and learning speed in just 28 days.

(2) Regain your free time - sleep as much as you need, reconnect with your hobbies, spend quality time with your family and friends

(3) Say goodbye to studying and taking exams with frustration.

(4) Beat procrastination once and for all.

(5) Unlock unlimited study motivation.

(6) Become crystal clear on your study and exam planning.

(7) Program your mindset to succeed in whatever field you wish to choose in life

(8) Learn useful & important life skills (e.g how to invest in property and go from $0 - $10million in just 7 years)

How it works:

This community runs on an app that combines the power of Facebook, Netflix, and Zoom. 

An interactive feed with your burning questions answered
You can also see ongoing student successes to provide you with more motivation to continue 

You will have access to every single tutorial I have ever produced which helped over 3000+ students in the past. 
Dynamic and personalised content
If the current tutorials aren't meeting your needs, I will create new lessons and tag you within the community 

You will get live access to Dr Hugo weekly for face-to-face support. 
Simply open up the app, click on the drop in session and get your questions answered in person. 
Dr Hugo acts as a powerful accountability mentor and provides you with personalised solutions to your unique problems

How much does it cost:

The Inner Circle - Monthly Mastermind costs $50 USD per month for ongoing access to the community and Dr Hugo for ongoing support. 

Start date:

The classes start immediately after your purchase is successful. 

You will be provided with instructions to join our community immediately

What my students have said about 
The Monthly Mastermind

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